Ashok Roy presents Photo-Genius Painting

Photo-Genius Art can be described as Painting’s tribute to Abstract Photography. Each creation begins with one of Roy’s abstract photographs clicked with a keen eye for aesthetic value. Un-retouched and un-manipulated, this itself should possesses enough merit to qualify as a good example of Fine Art Photography.

Then comes the vital step towards the innovative adventure. He gets the photograph printed onto canvas. Then he begins to apply brush strokes in oil paint to transform the photograph into a painting!

Inspired by the photograph he starts with, the final painting can move towards any form, right from realistic, to figurative, to semi or pure abstract.

Most importantly, since each canvas starts off as an abstract photograph from widely diverse sources, the range and variety achieved finally is quite incredible!

Latest Exhibition of Photo Genius Paintings is to be held at Nehru Centre AC. Gallery, Mumbai from 10th March to 16th March 2020.
(Sunday Open)

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